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Customer Testimonials

One never thinks about getting their air ducts, and dryer vent cleaned. The things you worry about when you own a home!
My husband suffers from allergies and thought that getting them cleaned would help. He sneezes ALL NIGHT LONG even with meds. He found Pure Air and made an appointment. Pure Air services the DFW area and specializes in air duct cleaning. Mr. Johnson and his son Arlington came yesterday to clean my air ducts and dryer vents. They both were friendly and knowledgeable. Mr. Johnson explained what they would do, how it was done and showed me the equipment. He would show me the vents before cleaning and after cleaning. They cover your furniture and clean up the mess as well. It is definitely worth the money to get your air ducts cleaned. $140ish I believe for up to 10 ducts. We had 13 plus dryer vent. It will be interesting to see if my husband's allergies improve and my light bill goes down. So far...no sneezing!
 Krista R.

We had dust and mold at our vents after new a/c install; PureAir arrived and cleaned ducts, vents, and intakes wonderfully. They kept the work areas clean and respected our home. They went out of their way to clean our ceilings around the vents to remove the unsightly dust.
We are very happy with the results and PureAir!
 Corey J.

So glad we found Pure Air. Mr. Johnson and his son were very polite, professional, honest, punctual and did an amazing job.
There was no hidden charges or extra fees. The price he gave me over the phone was the price we paid.
He was very honest and did not try to sell us anything we didn't need. They kept the house clean by putting plastic all over furniture and carpets.
Very glad I found them and extremely happy with their service. Highly Recommended!
— Mariam K.

I'm glad to write a review for PureAir. Great experience - they take the time to teach and explain what is happening.
They went from my dryer all the way to the vent on the roof.
Mr. Johnson demonstrates a high degree of integrity. I'd recommend them; they make my life easier.
— Heath B.

Mr. Johnson and son absolutely best experience I've had with a service company.
This team is amazing at there job and most of all respectful. It was a blessing to have them in my house, and they are highly recommended.
I can already feel better circulation in my entire house, and they kept it clean while they worked. Thank you for your a job well done.
— Charles W.

Great guys. Straightforward. No gimmicks or "wheeling-dealing" attempts to upsell. House was left clean (despite all the junk in our ducts).
Air left even cleaner.
— Jinni W.

First, I would like to thank Mr.Johnson and his son for cleaning service.
Pure air is specialized in air duct cleaning. So, they know what they r doing. I strongly recommend 'em.
Thanks. I appreciated.
McKinney, TX
— Basim A.

I give Pure Air a thumbs up for their great service. The two sons of Mr. Johnson did a good on our air duct, and they work efficiently and professionally!
— Angelina J.


We just moved here from California, and our landlord graciously agreed to have the vents/ducts cleaned after we had seen some mold and smelled some strong odor from previous pets. This was my second time having my vent/ducts clean. Once in our home in California so I knew what I was looking for, and we knew if they were trying to scam or overcharge. THEY WERE NOT! They did a FABULOUS job, and were upfront about the cost and exactly what was covered! They were very considerate of our home and put plastic over the area they were working on, and left the house clean!
They even vacuumed our stairs! As they worked, they explained the procedure and showed me the awful mold, dust, hair, etc. that we were breathing in. They also offered a sanitizer, which is a little extra, but definitely worth it! In addition, we had a hidden return vent that they cleaned at no additional charge! WOW! Most companies try to nickel and dime you! They did not; they went the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied. Their customer service is wonderful!

Truly a lost art in this day! I am so thankful that we found Pure Air, and I know that my family is safe and breathing clean air. I pray blessings upon this family and their business! They deserve it!
— PricelessJewels P.

I have had sinus problems. Now I see why our ducts were filthy. Mr. Johnson and his son fit us in on Saturday night. They did a great job.
I can already tell the improvement in my breathing. They make sure they cover your furniture and clean up after they are finished.
— Lee Elliott

Professional individuals with respect for their customers. Informative and thorough. Plan on using them again for future air duct cleaning.
— Doug H

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Pure AiR for Air Duct Cleaning. They did a fantastic job in our home yesterday. Their expertise and professionalism was awesome to witness. Everything was covered, all vents removed, power brushed and vacuumed then sanitized. When finished they vacuumed up what debris (dust) was left.
— Sally Terrill Jordan

My husband and I highly recommend Mr. Johnson and sons to anyone wanting cleaner, fresher air in their home! This was the first time we have had air duct cleaning, and it is definitely worth their reasonable price. Mr. Johnson explained the process before he started and kept us informed by showing us the status of their work as they systematically worked to clean each duct. They also cleaned out our dryer vent, and we were amazed at how clogged it was with lint. Our clothes dry much faster now, and we have eliminated a fire hazard thanks to their expertise. It was truly a pleasure doing business with this team!
— Rose Reese

I just had these guys clean my a/c ducts in my house, and they are AWESOME! I highly recommend O'Keefe Johnson, the area manager, and his son. The price was absolutely reasonable, and they did a thorough job! I am so pleased, and I already can tell thea difference in the air quality! Let me know if you need their phone number.
— Sylvia Miller

I really appreciate what you have done for my family, great service, professional, and courteous. Answered all my questions and cleared my doubts. I will definitely be using you again and will recommend to anyone. Thank you.
— Cynthia Nalah

Had our air ducts cleaned in the house and Pure Air provided a great service and the two gentlemen were absolutely wonderful and efficient. Thank you very much for such great service.
— Deanna Decker-Chavez

These gentlemen are very thorough and professional for a reasonable price. My family will be breathing easier now!
— Cindy Rojas

Just want to say thanks again to O'Keefe Johnson & Arlington. I am physically relieved and more comfortable in our house. You guys were awesome! I will be recommending you to anyone that needs your service. You were efficient, knowledgeable and willing to share your recommendations. I look forward to working with you in the future!
— Alexis North Nejati

I used Pure Air Duct Cleaning to take care of a dryer vent problem that I had tried to resolve myself. They came out and did a good job, but the problem remained. They were not only willing to return again but did so on New Year's Eve of all times. Once here, they continued to work every aspect until the problem was finally resolved. I appreciated both their thoroughness and dedication to getting the job done to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend them to anyone with any kind of duct issue.

Pure Air came to my residence and cleaned all my ducts. They also disinfected the ducts. They use Rotobrush equipment, and I could really tell the difference in my air and breathing after they completed the job. This is a professional service that goes all the way up to the attic when cleaning and disinfecting each duct pathway. If you have never had your ducts cleaned before I highly recommend it! They also provided me with a permanent filter for my AC unit. Now I will not have to keep purchasing them!
— K. Harrod

Mr. Johnson and his crew were professional and polite and got to work right away. They did an INCREDIBLE job! The vents in our house had never been cleaned before. We were shocked at how much debris had accumulated over more than a 10 year period of time. Since their visit, the house smells fresher and is cooler! As an asthmatic, it is wonderful knowing that I'm breathing cleaner air! I highly recommend Mr. Johnson and his crew to for everyone needing and wanting to breathe healthier air!

I just want to drop a note to thank you for your recently cleaning of the air ducts in our home. You cleaned all of the ducts thoroughly and professionally, making the house air cleaner and fresher. You carefully covered all of the furniture while cleaning the vents and also vacuumed the floor after the work was done. Thanks for your job well done!
— Liangqiao B.

I got my air ducts cleaned before, but I was unhappy with the service from the last company. I came across Pure Air so, I decided to give them a chance. When I called to make an appointment the rep was very helpful and polite. When they came to my home, they were also friendly and professional. I could tell that Pure Air valued their customers. I will be a returning customer.

I received a flyer on my door one day from Pure Air. After reading it, I decided to go to their website to see if there were any hidden fees. Not only were the prices the same but there was also a great video that showed me what I would be paying for. After talking to Mr. Johnson, I felt that I needed the plus package. Mr.Johnson and his crew were very professional, thorough, and friendly. I got what I paid for.

Thank you for a pleasant experience! Usually, I dread home maintenance, but the cleaning team made me feel at ease. They were very professional, thorough in their explanation, allowed us to carry on with our daily activities, all the while, cleaning up behind as they went through the house. I am very satisfied with Pure Air's service! Thank you, O'Keefe!

Thank you for a pleasant experience! Usually I dread home maintenance but the cleaning team made me feel at ease. They were very professional, thorough in their explanation, allowed us to carry on with our daily activities, all the while, cleaning up behind as they went through the house. I am very satisfied with Pure Air's service! Thank you, O'Keefe!
— Lee Ann

These men are caring, professional, fair, courteous, and strive to make their visit to your home pleasant. Not only do they cover the furniture and/or appliances, but they also vacuum after completing the work. Their explanation of the work they need to do or have done is excellent, and if a problem occurs, they will be upfront with the good and/or bad news.

I highly recommend having all air ducts cleaned and sanitized by them as well as having them evaluate your dryer vent.


Just wanted to say we called because the dryer was not working and they did an awesome job! They cleaned the dryer vent and were very friendly and helpful! Excellent customer service and very fast! We would recommend them any time to anyone! We were very pleased! Thanks for doing a great job! The dryer is working great!
— Joni Weeks Schneider

I really appreciated your service today! Thank you for being thorough and friendly professionals. Be sure to give me a call back for my next dryer vent cleaning. You know I need you on my team to care for my home.
— Chelsea Neusse Barlow

I would like to formally and publicly commend O'Keefe C. Johnson with Pure Air for the excellent service he provided for me. The level of service was far beyond my expectations. Mr. Johnson was very professional in every aspect. His explanation of the task was very reassuring to me. Very impressed was that there were no additional financial rewards involved. Mr. Johnson truly deserves to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service beyond my expectations. You should be so glad that you have an employee of this caliber
and I would truly recommend this company to everyone that I meet.
Job well done!
— R. Hosey

I just wanted to leave a glowing testimonial about the fine service we recently received from Mr. Johnson undefined his assistant. These guys are the best!! Besides being great at their job, they are very nice, friendly undefined helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. We will definitely recommend your service to our friend's undefined neighbors. Many Thanks!
— Tracy Langman

Mr. Johnson thank you for exceeding our expectations and going above and beyond to leave our house with clean air. I will definitely recommend your great professional service to everyone. As a mother of a toddler and one on the way, I feel better knowing that we will have cleaner air. Thank you very much for your excellent service.
— Leo and Natalia Davis

I am a penny pincher by nature and by necessity. I had trepidation about having strangers in my home for the better part of 4 hours and even more dread that I would not be assertive if they tried to nickel and dime me like some of the other duct cleaners I researched sounded like they would if I had hired them. I was pleasantly surprised when the Father-Son Duo arrived and now feel like I have lifelong friends. While they were completely professional, they were also down to Earth and friendly. My 16-month-old grandson was wary at first, but within moments he was following O'Keefe and Leonard around "helping" them. O'Keefe gave me that knowing Grandpa Smile as he handed my grandson over their equipment that he had managed to get behind before I could catch him. During the service, they covered each room with plastic and vacuumed anyway before they left. When I sheepishly told them I had discovered my 13th vent in my closet after they had already done the estimate they said! not to worry about it and did not charge me. Already, I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning,so I know they truly cleaned my ducts. Plus my clothes are drying faster after they removed MOUNDS of dust and lint from my dryer vent.

All in all, I highly recommend Pure Air for your duct and vent cleaning needs!
— Candice Blake

I am so impressed with the work that I received today by Mr. Johnson and his son. If you need your air ducts cleaned and or dryer duct cleaned, please call them. You will not find a better price or a better job. They went above and beyond to make my home safe from all the contaminants that accumulate throughout the years. They even did extra work and didn't even charge me extra. They are really very kind and down to earth professionals. I am calling them once every year, due to my lung problems. I want to also say that I have had this done before at another residence and the company that came out did not do half the job that Mr. Johnson did and I was charged almost double. Believe you will not regret it. You will end up with a cleaner more efficient HVAC and save money at the same time. It's a win-win. So please call Mr. Johnson and schedule your home to be cleaned. I highly recommend them. A very satisfied customer!
— Tammy Cortez

We recently had O'Keefe Johnson and PureAiR Ducts and Dryer Vents Cleaners to our house for a complete cleaning of all our air conditioning ducts. We called him because of his very informative website and positive reviews. After having O'Keefe to our house we felt we needed to give him a review as well. He arrived on time and he was very professional. He looked at our house and listened to our concerns. He was very patient and thorough in explaining what he did and why he did it that way. He explained all the charges and what the charges were before he started. He took great care to cover our furniture as he cleaned and as he left each area he again picked up any debris and vacuumed any mess in the area. We were very impressed. They not only cleaned the vent hoses they cleaned any debris from the vent screens as well. As he went through the house he pointed out issues for us to watch for. When he was done he left the house cleaner than when he arrived and the house even smelled cleaner. We highly recommend O'Keefe and PureAiR Ducts for the high-quality service and professionalism. We will have him back to our house for our next cleaning.
— Walt and Deb Vetter | Arlington, TX

On a scale of 1-5 stars, with five being the best I would give PureAir a five. Mr. O'Keefe Johnson and his son Leonard arrived on time. We sat down and agreed on the work to be done and the price. There was no hard up-selling of additional services or products, just information about what was available. Once we agreed on the services, Mr. Johnson and son got to work immediately. They have a very good system for doing the duct cleaning and take great care to keep dust off of everything. They move systematically through the house and vacuumed floor and ceiling immediately have finishing a duct. I had one duct that I was specifically concerned with and Mr. Johnson used a camera to inspect it; we concluded that it was particularly dirty. He used a couple of different brushes to ensure that the duct was clean. I highly recommend PureAir for duct cleaning.
— Roger and Susan Beck

We just had our air ducts cleaned in our house. We had never had this done before and have lived in the house for a couple of years and for the past year, we noticed it was getting harder to breathe without wheezing. We do suffer from allergies, but a lot of times we would be just fine outside, but as soon as we came into the house, the wheezing would start right away. I had a lot of dust accumulating all the time, actually a little too often and that's when I knew something had to be done. I went online and researched companies and found Pure Air! I read the testimonials first and that is what impressed me the most. O'Keefe and his son came out, sat down with me and went over everything they were going to do. They were not in any rush to get through the consultation and they wanted to be sure I knew exactly what I was getting for the price, which by the way is fantastic. They are so professional and so courteous. They even would come and show me the vents and what they found as they were cleaning them. They also showed me the equipment and gave me a brief explanation of how their equipment works. They took their time, covered all the furniture, cleaned up and vacuumed after they were done. I can definitely tell I'm living in a much cleaner house and am so impressed and happy I chose them and would recommend them to anyone!

They are very professional and thorough. They are very dependable and do an excellent job for the price. They give excellent customer service and always make sure to protect your belongings as well as clean up after themselves. I would highly recommend using this company.
— Sharon Singleton

They went beyond what I expected. I was in awe of them. they took down all of the air ducts and cleaned them with a power brush. I also paid for them to sanitize them. They covered all of the furniture and picked up after themselves, they even cleaned the ceiling fans and vacuumed the floors when they were finished. Their expertise and professionalism was incredible. I have recommended them to many people.
— Selma Jordan

They covered all of my furniture and took down all the air ducts. Then they cleaned them inside and out using a vacuum in the duct. Afterwards, they cleaned up very well and were very contentious of cleaning anything that fell. They were here almost 4 hours.
– Linda Benge

Cleaned everything as described prior to starting the work. Placed protective cloth and plastic over all furniture and flooring before starting the work. Even cleaned the area around the work and vacuumed afterward. Very professional, punctual, and explains everything before during and after the job is complete. Very, very happy with their work. Will use them again and again!
— Becky Kempf

They called and asked if they could come earlier than scheduled. They arrived when they said they would. Workers explained the cleaning process and showed me their equipment. They covered all floors and furniture directly around the vent and vacuumed the area when they were finished with each vent. They were friendly and professional. I felt like they were honest and upfront with me. I was planning to have my dryer vent cleaned as well, but because it was located on an outside wall, they explained that the cleaning service wasn't necessary.
— Sharon Traywick